Dansen is a short play by German playwright and dramatist Bertolt Brecht (–) written in Although not as widely recognized and produced due to its short length, the play is a good representation both of Brecht's writing style and political beliefs. On March 2,, Caramelldansen was awarded single of the year (international section) in the 23rd Japan Gold Disc Award. After the "U-u-uma uma[Maxi]" single was released in Japan on May 21,, the original concept of the Caramell group was changed. First in Japan, Malin Sundström and Katia Löfgren were replaced by their anime character counterparts, removing the rest of the band members, Genre: Dance pop, Eurodance. Spreekt 1 bepaalde dans je aan, zoek dan een organisatie die je deze aanleert. Dansscholen en diverse singles organisaties organiseren vaak cursussen, work-shops en special events waar je ook zonder vaste danspartner dansen kan leren. Ook op singles dansavonden waar je kan oefenen, ben je best aanwezig. Je oefent je danstechniek én je krijgt.